39000 Feet Above

I love flying…
Yet I hate it at the same time
I’m at 39000 feet in the air right now and my mind always plays tricks on me.

Basically it betrays me into hating the flight.
You know why I hate it? Because it scares me. The thought of flying scares the hell out of me. 

Here’s the thing though, flying has always been one of the most private moment with me and Him. He speaks to me a lot up in the sky. He is very loud up here. God exist in the midst of our most fearful moment, may it be my fear of flying, turbulence, the take off, thick clouds and so on. Or maybe your daily life worries, your career, your love life, your financial situation. He is in there in the eye of the tornado. And He is there to stay until you are safe and sound out of it.

Have you ever been more convicted in His presence when you were maybe crying inside your room by yourself because you were broken hearted? Have you ever had an surreal epiphany in a middle of your desperation? 
That all is Him. Our God is a present God. He is not there only on your regular Sunday service. He is that real…

On the other side of the story, we may sometimes complain because we feel abandon by Him in some situations and troubles. We feel like there’s no hope whatsoever. Well… Even so He is still there. He is also present in the stillness of the wind, as you breathe into your lungs, you are breathing His masterpiece. He is still ‘conspiring’ behind your back to bring you somewhere amazing.

That is our Father in Heaven.
Like I said I love flying, it gets me to a destination (somewhere exciting, always) and flying is like this life I’m living, filled with anticipation of storms, turbulence and what not but I know I’m never alone. And I know this anticipation is only me being a mere human, what’s real is I’m always safe and sound within Jesus Christ.


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