Getting Closer

Many times we as Christians exasperated under our breathe thinking that God is not around. I know this first hand. I know that feeling when we feel that God felt so far away from us. Yet the answer to this question is usually, “Hey… God is never far He is always around and close to you.” The thing is reality speaks differently. We do feel that God is far. It’s a fact and an undeniable one. Usually, because of this we become very frustrated and don’t know what to do with our relationship with God.

Lately, I came to realized something. We know some of the “Golden” steps to be close to God. The quite time with Him, the worship time, the listening to sermon time, and so on. I realize there is on crucial step that we can do but we rarely do. This step is the farthest from the usual “Golden” steps. This step is the oddest one and feels really irrelevant from wanting to be close to God. This step requires bigger effort than reading, listening, or singing. This step requires our attention, energy, and investments. This step I called the “Others-First” step.

Let me explain. Have you ever spend time to ministry to someone else and after you were done with it you feel more fulfilled than you were before? Does that sound familiar? Have you ever intentionally come to someone just to listen to them and give them words of encouragement then after that you feel more alive than before? That is what I called “Others-First”, a step to come closer to God by being close to being Christ-like.

Jesus came to this earth was not only to show God’s love through His action on the cross but also to give us an example to exactly how to live a life. More than just to live for ourselves we are created to live for others. By letting ourselves becoming the “Vessel” to reach out to others we are letting Him work through us. And then BINGO! How can you be anymore closer to God than that, when you allow Him to use you to be the extension of His love to other people. Especially towards people in need.

As Christians I believe we are equipped enough by Him to be exactly this. Therefore the next time you miss God, aside from those “Golden” steps which is still very much needed, try adding on this “Others-First” step. Make yourself available to other people who is in need. In that moment you will see that His existence in your life is that real. Not just that feeling or that soft whisper in your heart, but a concrete realization of His light through your doing for His glory. Amen.



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