The Absent Of Logic

One of the classic Christian question is when people start wondering where God is in the midst of this chaotic depressing world. As part of of this younger generation, I realized that the younger you are the more you are prone to depression because of all the horrendous thing you are exposed to. Apparently the very thing that is supposed to connect us today, like what I’m doing right now (connecting with you through this online journal) cause us more damage that we thought. More bad news and bad things we can find online than the good ones. We tried to avoid it, but somehow we are more connected to the brokenness of this world. War is happening here and there, people killing themselves and what not. Finally in the midst of that we ask ourselves, ‘Where does God fit into all this? The one who claim to be love is seem to be absent in this dying rotting world’

This contemplation has been buzzing in my mind for a while now. I was mentioning all the big major thing, but let’s go a bit smaller and more towards our literal daily life. We ourselves will always go through trials and tribulation in life. Which is some of us has understand that, that is just life. C'est la vie right? But then some of us can’t just wrap our head around it. It is such a tiresome and troublesome to live this way, to be in a constant challenge. Well, this is where I will share my thoughts to you. These things are just meant to change us, to grow us, and to propel us. Why problem though? And why the hard ones? Because, in those moments you are face with choices that will change the trajectory of your life. Two out of the common reaction is either you buried yourself alive or the other one you choose to thrive and win the game.

Then here comes the God factor, if you are willing and wanting to give God a chance to show His amazingness in your life. You CAN and DEFINITELY CAN involve Him in the middle of this. In this situation why don’t you try saying, ‘I am helpless here God, I need your help.’ Right there and then you have just open up to an access where maybe you have never been before. That place is called ‘Total Abandonment’ to God. While we are learning all this thing in life through this hard process, why don’t we invite Him, who has the best interest in us to be a part of this journey. Truly with Him by our side things will get brighter and hopeful, maybe not easier, but definitely way better.

Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV)

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

After that, friends, your logic fails and He defeats all your logic about burden. This new season of brokenness has become your season of victory. Even if it started with all the chaos and hurtful situation even sometimes kind of hit you hard, you might think that you could have died because of it. It will be a logic defying moment. Doing all this with Him will turn you into a phoenix. The legend said that when a phoenix was born, it came out of the ashes. And so will you. You will say the oddest thing that people may not understand. That this very thing that almost defeat you to death had become the very thing that rise you up. Because you share the yoke with Him and only with Him you can.

Therefore problems, misery, trials and tribulations are allowed in your life (NOT CAUSE BY GOD) to make you the person you need to be. I understand this world is just too much sometimes. If we see our situation plus our life problem it seems like everything is just not possible. But then God is always possible. Be strong in Him and cast all of it to Him, He is there with you and He loves you. Amen.



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